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Celebrating 17 years of short films from Europe, Asia, and the United States, presented in Washington, D.C.

Country Pairing Programs: June 7 - 22, 2023

Festival Closing Program: June 23, 2023


EuroAsia Shorts (EAS) returns in 2023 with a full slate of six in-person screening, discussion, and reception events at Washington, D.C. embassies and cultural centers, available free to the public, June 7 – 23. Join an international cinematic dialogue that is uniquely Washingtonian as we celebrate 17 years of EAS!


This year, EAS events are spread over a 3-week period, with two programs each week between June 7 and 23. The first five pairing events—each a blending of short films from two countries as a cinematic conversation—will take place on June 7, 9, 15, 16, and 22, each at different venues across Washington, D.C. The traditional closing event, featuring extra short films from all 11 partner countries including the United States, takes place on the final day, Friday, June 23.

Events & RSVP links will be added gradually as they are announced. Check back soon for more! 

EuroAsia Shorts

EuroAsia Shorts proudly presents a free annual week of short films from Europe, Asia, and the United States, presented by embassies and cultural centers based in Washington, D.C. Every program includes a series of shorts followed by cultural Q&A and discussion. Some nights include special content or events! Join an international cinematic dialogue that is uniquely Washingtonian. The 2022 festival is a mixed format, with some programs streaming online and some in-person at unique embassy venues. 

2023 Theme: Freedom from Themes

The theme (or lack thereof) for EuroAsia Shorts 2023 is Freedom from Themes. In other words, there is no single overarching topic, style, narrative thrust, or aspect of life that all films have in common on their own. By occupying a space outside traditional and tidy boxes of categorization, it is our intention that EuroAsia Shorts 2023 may illuminate indirectly a trend that often goes unnoticed: the consistent inconsistency of life and ourselves. If we no longer need to live in one place, take the familiar path, act a certain age, follow conventional thinking, love as we are told, or pursue one kind of work, what would we be? When we grasp that we do not, and indeed cannot, ultimately know what comes next in life, would we be free to see and think differently?

​About the Festival​​​​​


Now in its 17th year (2023), EuroAsia Shorts (originally the Asian-European Short Film Showcase) remains a collaboration between a small group of Washington, D.C. embassies and cultural centers. Since 2006, the festival has presented more than 300 short films, including many award-winning shorts making their U.S. debut. Each year a broad variety of films and styles are presented, connected by a single theme. With post-film cultural Q&A’s and discussions with experts each night, EuroAsia Shorts offers an international cinematic dialogue that is uniquely Washingtonian.

The 2023 festival represents 11 countries. Check out the links below for more on each partner organization and our many cultural programs beyond EAS. 

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​Latest News

Programs & RSVPs Going Live! 

May 2023, Washington, D.C.

This year, with programs spread over several weeks, details and RSVPs for individual events will be added gradually, starting with the opening week events, live now. Check back soon for more info as events go live!

Registration & Films Coming Soon!

April 2023, Washington, D.C.

Thanks for your continued interest in EuroAsia Shorts! EAS is returning in 2023 with a fill slate of in-person events, June 7 - 23. Stay tuned for more details to be added!

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